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    As a student of fine arts, Pierre Hardy studied dance intensively. During this time he discovered shoes through working as an assistant, a position that quickly lead to him designing the shoe collections for Christian Dior, a post he held for four years. Along with teaching scenography at the rue Blanche School, Hardy brings a rich and unique vision to footwear design. He has also produced illustrations for magazines like Vogue Homme International and Vanity Fair, and, for a time, was also Artistic Director of the fashion shows at the Hyères Festival in the south of France.

    Pierre Hardy was named Creative Director of the women’s then men’s footwear collections at Hermès in 1990. In 2001 he also became fine jewelry Creative Director for the famous leather goods house. His collaborations with Nicolas Ghesquière, since 2001, has seen him develop and push the envelope of footwear design within the Balenciaga shoe collection. In the spring of 1999, Pierre Hardy created his first collection of women’s shoes under his own name. In 2002 and 2006, respectively, he has followed up with men’s and bag lines.

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