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June 15, 2013
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what to wear: the summer wedding

What to Wear: the Summer Wedding

Tis the Season! Wedding season is upon us once again: When the invitations begin to stack up, when it feels like everyone you know is getting hitched. As if this isn’t stressful enough for any woman, that old familiar fear of having nothing to wear rears its ugly head. I always love an excuse to go shopping, yet how to not upstage the bride– but secretly do– and attract all ex-boyfriends within a five mile radius? Whether the ceremony takes place on a beach in Barbados, a barn upstate, or the French countryside, ShopGirl’s got ya covered.

The Breakdown:

1. A Party-Ready Dress: Proper for the church, but with enough flair for the dance floor– your dress should strike just the right balance. She’s fun, but she’s a lady! Look for structured cocktail dresses that can go more formal or less dressy. Regardless of the dress code, be sure to make a statement. A bright jewel tone and some ruffles make the right entrance.

2. Some sparkle: This is a celebration, dress up for it! Add a dramatic pop to your dress with some bling, like these black and white drop earrings from Fenton. Whether your baubles are costume or not, this is your chance to dive into your jewelry box’s depths and have a little fun.

3. Break out your box clutch!: A little lady clutch is a great add to your wardrobe for occasion dressing, but she doesn’t have to be demure by any means. Edie Parker has become the go-to designer for the cheekily modern minaudière; she designs for the downtown girl who has to attend an uptown fete. Or the reverse.

4. Fanciful Footwear: Infuse some whimsy to keep from looking too staid in your eveningwear. Your shoe is your chance to let your personality shine. And a feathered mule makes a great talking point!

5. Social lubricant!

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