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August 10, 2013
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hippie luxe redux

hippie luxe redux

Some trends have serious staying power, clinging for life in the vicious, take-no-prisoners cycle of fashion. Animal print will always be chic. Punk is forever associated with all things cool. Le smoking will always be…well, hot. While we naturally gravitate toward masculine/minimal looks in cooler months, Boho style and all it’s airy romanticism always looks right again come summer. So while the heat won’t quit and you’re suffering from end of season outfit boredom, use this time tested trend for some inspiration while getting dressed. And if its good enough for the Kate’s– Moss and Hudson have been doing it for years– it’s good enough for me.

A fresh take on Bohemian style? As is the KZ way, more is more! Pile on colors, prints and textures for a rich, artfully thrown together look that reads laid-back but oozes luxury. Layer up jewelry from Venessa Arizaga, the more silly charms the better. It’s called a wrist party. Bags should be unstructured and preferably fringed, eschew the usual neutral for a bright berry Sara Battaglia. Proenza’s tie dye tees are borrowed from the boys-cool, not Deadhead cheesy. Mother ends our futile foraging for the perfect pair of jean cut-offs. But the pièce de résistance is the army jacket topper. Once a symbol of 60s counterculture, the army jacket has had a modern makeover. Choose from updates like Figue‘s appliqués and sequins, or rabbit fur lining from 3.1 Phillip Lim. Peace and love, people.

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