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Q&A With Beau Souci's Aurélie Larrousse

June 17, 19

Parisian designer Aurélie Larrousse tells us how she came to design for French brand Beau Souci and hints at the inspiration behind her designs.


Tell us a little bit about your background and how you got started in fashion. I was born in Nice, in the south of France. I moved to Paris at 18, while going to school I also interned at Rick Owens. Throughout my 4 years at Rick Owens, I learned so much about leathers, furs, and making garments. I started to casually build a t-shirt collection. I had my father help me and support me. Later on, I developed another brand with another partner, it consisted of furs and leathers. Later, I connected with the owner of Beau Souci in LA, we’ve known each other since I was very young. She really understands my brad and asked me if I wanted to make something with her. Ultimately, Beau Souci is a real influence of Nice, between Paris and LA. The goal was to do something casual, cool and sexy, with good materials. I always care about the fabrics and the production process. 


Was fashion a big part of your life when you were younger? Yes, especially when I would visit Paris with my mom. I loved the energy and the people, and I knew it’s where I wanted to be. 


How do you find inspiration for your collection now? Are there certain things that you find inspiring? Where do you get your creative thinking? I’m passionate about art, I make it a point to see every exhibition of art in Paris. I think Beau Souci is more about attitude, and how you can mix it into your wardrobe. Its a mood, whether you want to be sexy or androgynous. 


How would you describe the Beau Souci woman? Who is she and where is she going? I think she has a classic way of dressing: jeans with a t-shirt. She wears a jacket over it and puts on lipstick and then she’s ready for the evening. It’s important for me that Beau Souci woman is strong and cool. Because you can mix all pieces together, you can wear everything with everything.


 If you had to choose 3 words to describe the label to someone, what would they be? Sexy, edgy and sophisticated.  


"Beau Souci is more about attitude, and how you can mix it into your wardrobe. Its a mood, whether you want to be sexy or androgynous."


With Fall 2018 specifically, were there any sort of specific visions or thoughts you were going for? I used New York City bands from ’70’s as my inspiration, and definitely Studio 54. Between the rock vibe and the cool girl is where I landed. 


What are the specific call-outs in your collection that pay ode to your inspiration? There is metal in almost every piece, and I have sequins in a few pieces too.


Do you want to launch other categories? I know that we can’t be everywhere. I don’t want to be everywhere in the market, I think there is so much redundancy everywhere. I want to protect Beau Souci as much as possible. 


Do you have a favorite piece? Every season I customize with Levis and I love to go to the factory to choose the denim. I know there’s nothing better than Levi’s so that really excites me. 


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Travel. I love the Amalfi Coast and I love to find small restaurants. I’m passionate about red wine.