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Q&A with Meredith German of Bienen Davis

May 12, 20
Take us through the inspiration and vision behind your collections.
Bienen Davis was established in 1931 and produced bags for 45 years until 1976. The archive that we have collected as a team is incredibly vast with over 300 pieces spanning over 4 decades. My biggest inspiration and what I used for a jumping off point creatively was our co-founder Richard Bienen's mother, Pat Mori. She was Halston's design assistant in the 70's, a fixture at Studio 54 by night, and would be home in time to cook Richard breakfast in the morning. These women were effortlessly chic, cool to the core with a wholehearted commitment to fabulousness.

What has been your most memorable fashion moment for Bienen Davis?
Initially, the biggest goal for me was that the new Bienen Davis be ageless. My biggest thrill is that our refined decadence appeals to our customers mindset no matter what their age. We also love the incredible range of iconic women that have the bags-from Beyonce to Lizzo to Sarah Jessica Parker. We also sent a personalized bag to Liza Minelli for her birthday, that was amazing!
In three words, describe the Bienen Davis woman.
Iconic, fabulous, ageless.
What do you love doing during down time at home?
I am obsessed with building the Bienen Davis archive, so I spent a lot of time researching vintage and looking for bags online.