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Q&A with Nili Lotan

Nili Lotan April 29, 20

Where are you now and how are you spending your days?

I have been self-isolating with my husband in our home in Tribeca, NYC. I am working non-stop but built a routine where I wake up in the morning, exercise, have breakfast and then proceed to tackle the day’s work. I’ve been taking it one day at a time and cooking a lot.


What will women want to wear when this is over? 

I am looking forward to this new order where we will have redirected our priorities and make new choices: more time for ourselves, our family and friends. When we will focus less on work and more on the quality of our relationships. The way we dress must evolve too. Spending more time at home around our families, our children, juggling work and home-life will require our clothes to be all the more versatile and comfortable. Unpretentious, timeless and effortless clothes are the key to this shifting lifestyle. We need less excess, and more quality pieces in this new order.


How would you describe your personal style and has it changed these past few weeks? What are you wearing daily at home?

For me, getting dressed is a form of self-respect and it helps me feel put together. So I dress up every day even though I am going to be working out of my living room table. I mostly wear my cotton pants – the Paris, Luna, Tel Aviv, Cropped French Military pant, and my new styles the Marrakech and Safi pants. I wear them back to the black or white muscle tee, or white or black cotton shirts like my NL and Yorke Shirt. I also wear quite a lot my Janie hoody and Luka sweatshirts and pair those with  my cotton pants, as well as the Nolan sweatpants back to the muscle tee.


How do you try out new looks without losing yourself?

If the new look is authentic to me and my desire, then I won't feel that I'm losing myself. I think it's healthy and important for women to stretch the comfort zone of their wardrobe because it allows them to explore new sides of themselves. That said, all clothing should elevate and empower you and if it doesn't, then why wear it?


What is your best source of inspiration now that you are sheltering in place?

Aside from the key muses of inspiration that I turn to again and again, I've always been inspired by the world around and current events. Even this pandemic has sparked a new way of thinking about wardrobing and the importance of comfortable-chic. My inspiration comes from what real women genuinely want and need. I react to the world around me and my designs reflect that.


Any books, movies, tv shows to recommend? 

Yes I have seen few very good films. Pain and Glory, a movie by Almodóvar, with Antonio Banderas as lead. I loved it, it’s a favorite. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Jo Jo Rabbit, Orthodox, the Netflix series starring Shira Haas. I love her acting and the narrative.


How will COVID-19 change fashion? How will it change your business?

We will design less- have smaller collections and less of them. We will travel less. Online shopping will become a bigger portion of my business.


What women inspire you the most?

Right now I am inspired by those women doctors and nurses that are out there from morning till night doing the impossible mission to care of everyone.


Are you bored, busy, or both?

Very busy. I have been working morning to night with my team. At the same time, I feel very very blessed and grateful. I’ve been able to enjoy the quietness of my home with my husband, surrounded by music, cooking, and meditating alongside work.


What’s the first thing you will do, see, eat when this is over? What’s the first place where you want to travel?

I would love to go to the beach in TLV.