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Blumarine Q&A with Creative Director Nicola Brognano

September 14, 22

What is your biggest fashion icon/inspiration from the early 2000s?
I feel very close to the early 2000s because I grew up in these years and it was natural for me to present them to the Blumarine audience. If I had to select a few icons, I would definitely say Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. I was obsessed with them when I was younger and even growing up and thinking about becoming a fashion designer, I have always wanted to make women feel as sexy and powerful as they were.

On striking a balance between the gen-z girl and the sophisticated woman…
This sounds like a challenge, I know! However it was quite a natural balance to me. I wanted to revisit Blumarine’s signature sense of sensuality, not in a vulgar way, but with irony and lightness of touch, free from any preconceived idea about physicality, age or gender.


Three words to describe Blumarine?
Happiness, Sexiness, Freedom


Favorite trend from the early 2000s that has made a comeback?
For sure cargo pants, cropped tops or cardis and hyperfeminine dresses.


What is the inspiration behind the butterfly motif?
The butterfly represents to me a delicate symbol of frivolity, beauty and transformation, as well as a key iconography of Y2Ks. Bringing the butterfly theme into Blumarine collections highlights the brand’s focus on the sensuous flair that every woman can convey and, at the same time, becomes the symbol of the brand’s metamorphosis. I think it is also a very powerful way to express the need for the lightness.


On bringing lightness and color into your designs in a post-pandemic world…
I feel it was the right moment to bring lightness, playfulness and color: today people need happiness, joy and a sense of carefreeness in their lives more than ever.


The Blumarine girl is…
… grown-up in her self-confidence, she opens up to a powerful, uncompromising sensuality. She isn’t just frivolous and sensual, or an alluring ingénue. She’s aware that seduction is first and foremost an attitude.

Your favorite part about the designing process?
The very first part: inspiration! Since it can come from a different place each season and always manages to surprise me, to extend my vision and to encourage my motivation.

A typical day for you looks like…
I spend most of the day working on the collection with my team, but I never miss my morning workout session and some good relaxing time with my friends in the evening.

How do you balance your vision for the brand while preserving the history of Blumarine and the storied design motifs?
Blumarine has always been a reference to me. I think Anna Molinari’s vision is similar to mine, even though we have different lives and are from different generations. When I am designing, I always take into consideration the archive and the DNA of the brand, introducing something unexpected and translating the brand’s codes into a modern and fresh aesthetic, already similar to my stylistic point of view.

How would you describe your style?
Feminine, funny, sexy, never vulgar.

What’s next for Blumarine?
Blumarine is always full of surprises… and secrets are secrets!