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Q&A with Sable of Sablyn

January 02, 20

What was your mission when you started the brand? Has it changed in any way?

My mission has and always will be to make comfortable clothes that allow women to feel confident and sexy. It hasn’t changed, it’s only gotten stronger.


Who is the Sablyn girl and where is she wearing these pieces?

A SABLYN girl is someone who is confident, sophisticated with a hint of sexy.  She can wear SABLYN in all facets of her life, whether she’s just hanging with her girlfriends during the day, or going to power lunches, date nights, and parties!


How do fabrications play into your designs?

They play a very large role, since my silhouettes and designs are minimal, fabrics are the focal point of each season. I play with soft fabrics that drape, feel good to the skin making women feel comfortable, confident and sexy at the same time.


How has your previous work experience influenced your company?

In every way. I worked in a high end retail store from the age of 15, styling and dressing other women.  It allowed me to see a void in the market, so I addressed by starting SABLYN.

“A SABLYN girl is someone who is confident, sophisticated with a hint of sexy" 


How do your collections change from season to season?

They don’t change season to season, I know my woman and I want to continue to give her what she comes to buy from SABLYN. We play with new fabrics and color palettes, but stay true to our silhouettes and designs.


What is your favorite piece in the collection and why?

The Jessica High Waisted leggings. The style is a great start to a SABLYN closet. 


What's next for Sablyn?

Next for SABLYN is Denim. As a staple in every women’s closet, there needs to be great jeans. We are launching with my 2 favorite silhouettes, a relaxed high waisted full length pant and a hi waisted pencil skinny.