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20 Questions with Paris Georgia

July 25, 22

Childhood friends Paris Mitchell Temple and Georgia Cherrie founded their eponymous brand in 2015 with a mission to make womenswear inspired by the women who have helped cultivate their community in New Zealand.


Q: You created your brand with the aim to create the ultimate wardrobe staples. What do you believe are the 3 wardrobe staples everyone should have?

Georgia: Personally for summer staples I love a lightweight oversized shirt, loose baggy trouser and knitted singlet.


Q: Night in or night out?

Paris: A balance of both.


Q: Describe your personal style in three words.

Georgia: Relaxed and all about the details.


Q: How have your New Zealand roots inspired your designs and creative process?

Paris: For sure. We’re inspired by the creative community we surround ourselves with in New Zealand.


Q: Walk us through your design process as a collaborative experience. How do you, as a pair, conceive the designs, fabrics, color-ways, etc?

Georgia: We’re constantly sending each other ideas, people, places, colours, the smallest things we see everyday that we feel drawn too.


Q: How do you think working together has helped make the brand such a success? Which aspects do you each tackle or is it more of a collaborative experience?

Paris: We’ve been best friends since we were 13 so we know each other's strengths. We let each other lead when necessary but collaborate on most decisions and ideas. We trust each other wholeheartedly which is the most important foundation.


Q: City or countryside?

Georgia: For now a balance, although one day perhaps the countryside full time.


Q: In your seven years as a brand, how do you reflect on your growth as a company and personally as businesswomen?

Paris: We feel so proud of where we are at, we’ve worked so hard to get here. We now have a team of incredible people working with us. We make sure we stop, practice gratitude and celebrate the successful moments with each other and our team along the way.


Q: Bag or shoes?

Georgia: Torn, love both equally!! But if I had to choose… shoes.


Q: How and why did you transition from Paris Georgia Basics to the label that you have now?

Paris: We felt the demand and wanted to offer our PG woman a well rounded wardrobe. It was an organic evolution.


Q: What has been the biggest hurdle since starting your own brand?

Georgia: Finding the balance between work and wellness, we love what we do so much it’s hard to stop working!


Q: You both began selling high end vintage online, what’s your favorite piece of clothing (or accessory) you own?

Paris: A handbag we found in a thrift store in Palm Springs. I couldn’t give it up. It has enamel handles and impeccable beading. I treasure it! 


Q: Hardest working staple from your closet?

Georgia: Currently our Cocoon track pants, living in them.


Q: Who are your icons? Who would be your dream person to dress?

Paris: We’re waiting to get the call up from Tilda Swinton or Rihanna. Manifesting this!


Q: What do you believe is essential to being successful in fashion?

Georgia: Work ethic and staying true to your vision.


Q: What is one thing that is always in your bag?

Paris: Sunglasses. Georgia & I both have an obsession with finding the perfect eyewear — the hunt never ends.


Q: Neutral palette or bold colors?

Georgia: Neutral.


Q: What was the last thing you purchased?

Paris: Eyewear


Q: Heels or sneakers?

Georgia: Heels!


Q: What design encapsulates the Paris Georgia design ethos most?

Paris: The heart dress is a silhouette we build on each season. It’s the piece that made our brand recognizable internationally and is a timeless garment I’ll always have in my own wardrobe.