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Q&A with Chloé Harrouche, Founder of Loulou Studio

September 23, 20

You are well known as the amazing blogger for @louloudelasaison. What made you start a fashion line?

It started from a need to design pieces that I couldn’t find anywhere else. I wanted to help women around me by designing collections that would make them feel comfortable in their everyday life. Comfortable pieces to be worn with confidence and ease.

What is the vision?

I wanted pieces that you can wear for any occasions, to feel simple but special, perfect for everyday but dressy enough to wear in the evening. Loulou Studio follows the DNA of a strong woman, taking hold of her daily routine and I created the pieces for myself and for every women around me.

How has Covid-19 affected your design process?

More than ever I think that we have to be eco conscious on the way we design. I was determined to grow Loulou Studio in a way that would respect the environment. For this season, all our cashmere and cashmere blend are produced under the eco-responsible label.
With all the time at home, I wanted something that you can wear with ease but also clothes which gives you a bowl of fresh air.

What is lockdown in Paris like? Is life returning to normal?

It is now the “new normal”. We all wear masks, keep social distance as everywhere in the world, but it is important to still enjoy the little things in life.

How do you wear your Lou Lou and what do you pair it with?

I can wear Loulou Studio in many different ways, it depends on my mood and that’s why I created the brand. I can go on weekend at the countryside with my family, at work with a fashionable bag and heels and also keep the outfit for the evening with lipstick on.