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Q&A With Carlotta Oddi of Alanui

June 17, 19

Carlotta Oddi of Alanui, street style star and fashion editor under Anna Dello Russo at Vogue Japan, discusses the founding of the brand and where the future of the luxury Italian label lies!


Tell us your story and how you knew you wanted to do fashion. I loved going shopping with my mom and spending hours in boutiques. I used to draw a lot and collected Barbies, and use them as runway models. It was my favorite game as a child. 


What did you study in school? I studied interior design which I loved and did an internship in New York at an interior design studio. When I came back to Milan I went back to school and studied Architecture which was very challenging. I also completed my masters in Fashion Design. 


What did you do after you graduated? I immediately started working for Anna Della Russo. 


When did the idea of Alanui start to conceptualize for you? My brother and I always knew we wanted to do something together. It all started with a cardigan that my brother gifted me. I lived in that cardigan and travelled everywhere with it. My brother would say “you are always wearing that cardigan.” I totally agreed with him because it was a perfect piece to just add on to your look. That’s exactly how Alanui came to be for us, as something you can wear with everything and take everywhere with you, and every piece is Unisex. 


How did you make it more than just that one cardigan that sparked the initial idea? It’s amazing what you can do when you’re passionate about something. We decided to play with fabrics, yarns and stitching. It was a natural progression for us. Everything is handmade, down to the embroidery, the beads and the fringe.

"My goal is to continue to evolve but stay true to the brands DNA. Something that the customer will continue to invest in and continue to wear long term"


What was your inspiration for Fall? Our collections are always a trip or some kind of journey, this season it was Rock n Roll. 


What's your favorite piece in the new collection? The animal print and the Psychedelic mushroom for sure. 


Who is your muse for the brand? I think the ideal customer is a traveller at heart. Someone who appreciated the value of the cardigan and all of its handmade details. Someone that is cool but not overly obsessed with fashion. 


What is the next step for Alanui? My goal is to continue to evolve but stay true to the brands DNA. Something that the customer will continue to invest in and continue to wear long term. 


Can you tell us the meaning behind the name? Since everything started with that one cardigan I remember wearing it in Hawaii. I was wearing it one day at a beach in Maui and there was this place close by called Alanui. I had tried so many other names and kept going back to Alanui. 


If you had to choose three words to describe the brand what would they be? 

Cozy, Seasonless, Blanket