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Q&A with Ditte Reffstrup of Ganni

December 06, 19

How has each collection evolved?

Our collections have grown along with us. Over the past few seasons there’s been a sense of maturing. Color schemes have turned slightly more calm and silhouettes have become more sophisticated, even though they still ooze confidence and have those unexpected details to make you stop and think.


How has the ‘Ganni Girl’ changed over the years? How has she remained the same?

In the same way our collections have grown, I think the GANNI girl has grown up with us. They’ve also grown in terms of following, today it’s a much more global GANNI girl.  They are still all about that confident, free, uncomplicated approach to style and we’re still making collections that reflect that upbeat energy.  As always, they wear things their own way. Each to their own. But don’t get me wrong, we’re still up for fun!


What inspired the SS20 collection?

I was thinking a lot about the core of GANNI and about why we started – the heart of it. What we do is all about making women feel like they are capable of anything. GANNI is a state of mind more than anything, it’s about making people feel comfortable in their own skin.


How has Ganni been influenced by the sustainability movement throughout the fashion industry?

We don’t follow trends, and have always cared about doing things more responsibly. For us, sustainability is not a communication strategy, it’s a natural part of the way we do business. But in terms of the current climate emergency movement we’re seeing today we feel it’s a moral obligation more than anything to do better everyday. We’ve never wanted to shout about the things we do, but always felt like it was just something we should be doing.  To date we’ve launched more than 30 initiatives to help create awareness and positive change in the way we do business. Our view is, if you’re going to be in the industry, then be as responsible as you can be every day.


How does your Danish upbringing influence your work? How does your brand differentiate from typical Scandinavian design?

Back when we started 10 years ago in 2009, I really felt like something was missing out of Copenhagen. I felt like the way my friends and I were dressing  wasn’t represented in the two more stereotyped versions of Scandinavian style that were prevalent at the time; ether high concept Scandi style or boho-chic. We like to call ourselves Scandi 2,0 - a sense of style full of contrast, personality and confidence.

They are still all about that confident, free, uncomplicated approach to style and we’re still making collections that reflect that upbeat energy


How did your experience as a buyer inform your discussions as a designer?

I knew from my experience as a buyer the pressures of over-exposure. At GANNI we work in limited runs and try to avoid making too much of a good thing. We are uncompromising when it comes to staying true to our democratic price points. I still take note of that ‘Buying’ voice in my mind, but for me, it’s all about trusting my gut instincts.


What is your favorite piece and why?

I’m loving the linen tailoring, it’s got a real 70s vibe. The jackets are super versatile so you can wear open or closed in all different ways.  Either on their own or pair with a deep V- neck swimsuit and the high-waisted trousers.