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Q&A With Henrietta And Orlagh Of Rixo London

June 12, 19

The Co-Founders and Co-Creative Directors share the story of how they met, what inspires them, and their favorite pieces from the new collection.


How did Rixo start? 

Henrietta: Orlagh and I met at University, we were both studying Fashion Management at London College of Fashion. We became best friends after finding out about our shared love of vintage. We scour charity shops and vintage fairs together all over London and parts of the UK hunting for vintage. Whenever we plan to go anywhere abroad, whether it’s for holiday or work, the first thing we do is look up where the local vintage shops and flea markets are. We get so much inspiration from different cultures and countries we visit. RIXO, is a combination of both of our names - ’RIX’ is from my surname and the ’O’ is from Orlagh’s name. We had the initial idea after working on a university project together, as we felt there was a gap in the market for flattering vintage inspired pieces at a contemporary price point. There just wasn’t anything like RIXO out there! We launched the brand from the living room of our university home in September 2015. It was a big risk; as we quit our jobs, invested all of our own money and spent our first year or so doing absolutely everything ourselves, but we haven’t looked back. There was no plan B!


You’ve become known for your bold prints and unexpected combinations. How do you decide what prints to mix and what prints you wish to exist on their own? Orlagh: It’s all based on personal taste - what we actually love to wear and mix together ourselves. There’s no magic formula, we just know when something works or it doesn’t!


What are some of your key silhouettes? Henrietta: Our Moss blouse and Emma dress are key shapes which we’ve carried through to SS19 from previous seasons because we love them so much. The Moss blouse was one of the silhouettes we launched our first ever collection with and it’s continued since then because it’s so popular with our customers. For SS19, she comes in a monochrome houndstooth print. Orlagh: We think our Ariel and Chelsea dresses, the new girls on the block, will be really popular with customers. They are brand new shapes for this season and are really flattering with ruching and draping in all the right places!

The leopard daisy print, which features on our Martha dress is one of my favourite prints from the SS19 collection. I hand-painted the print myself – it was a labour of love!

What inspired this season’s prints? Do you have a favorite? Orlagh: Our SS19 collection is inspired by our favourite 80s icons – Princess Diana, Jerry Hall, Brooke Shields, Madonna… We designed shapes and prints that we could imagine them wearing, but with a contemporary twist. The leopard daisy print, which features on our Martha dress is one of my favourite prints from the SS19 collection. I hand-painted the print myself – it was a labour of love! Henrietta: I love our tiger stripe print!


What are your favorite aspects of designing a collection together? Henrietta: We both love the inspiration process – researching and vintage shopping. We have the same eye and vision for collections, so really enjoy that initial ideation stage.


How does this collection differ from your previous collections? Henrietta: SS19 is the first collection that we are doing accessories – bags, jewellery, neck scarves and belts. It’s the first time customers will be able to shop the whole RIXO look. Orlagh: Our SS19 collection was the first one we showed on-schedule at London Fashion Week, so it was different in the way that it holds a lot of sentimental value for us. For ready-to-wear we created a lot more elevated shapes to showcase especially for the presentation, which we didn’t have the opportunity to do with previous collections.


How would you describe the #HumansofRixo, and how important is it for you to see your girls on Instagram or out and about in your dresses? Henrietta: We created the #HumansOfRIXO hashtag as a way for our customers to show us how they wear RIXO.  It’s really helped us gain a global audience and showcase women from all ages, sizes, shapes and countries wearing RIXO in their own way. It’s always great to see influencers and celebrities wearing RIXO, but it’s equally if not more satisfying seeing one of our customers wearing the brand and seeing how they have styled it. I don’t think that we’d ever not be over the moon to see that! As much as we repost celebrity or influencer posts, we also love reposting images of our amazing customers in our pieces to give others ideas of how to wear.  Our #HumansOfRIXO could be a young professional in her twenties, her mother and equally her grandmother. We really believe that a woman’s style is eternal no matter her age! RIXO is made for all women regardless of age, shape, nationality… Our #HumansofRIXO don’t follow fashion trends. They want to invest in easy-to-wear, flattering and original pieces that will stand the test of time and fit seamlessly into their lifestyle. They want to feel great in their piece and know that they can count on it time and time again!